Jon Najarian


Here are a few of the really noteable purchases of VIX calls during the very volatile session:   25 mins into the day someone bought…

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Blockchain Watch

Can't make this stuff up folks! Today ChinaNet online holdings (CNET) announced the appointment of Zhongyi Liu as Chief Strategy Officer for Blockchain and Business…

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Why I Like GE.

Why I like GE.

I've been rather outspoken of the horrible management at GE. Timing of acquisitions, playful accounting etc. But there may be a brighter future just past…

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Some last minute out-the-money call buys in NFLX have caught the eye of our HeatSeeker. I took advantage into the EPS tonight by trading the…

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As you guys know, we've spoken a fair amount about how to hedge into the election. I've attached two examples which together become a call…

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