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A directional trading newsletter service specifically designed to help beginners/novices become experts in option trading


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What's Included?

Lighthouse Point Options is a directional trading newsletter designed for the beginning–to–intermediate trader. Even the most successful traders in the world had help and guidance when learning how to trade options. Led by our lead educator and former floor trader Ron Ianieri, this service explores the ins–and–outs of options trading in a live-market environment.

Each week, you will receive:

  • Trade ideas from Jon, Pete, and Ron
  • Updates and commentary throughout the week via email
  • Interactive Tuesday morning webinar and live Q&A
  • Access to a user group for peer-to-peer communications
  • Unlimited access to archived newsletters and webinar recordings

Every Monday night, Ron will email you a detailed trade write–up, market overview, and an educational article that will guide you through a single trade from entry, through adjustment, to close.

Not only will you learn the strategy of the week, but Ron will break down and dissect the trade for you in the Tuesday morning weekly webinar before, during, and after the market opens. Join us each Tuesday morning and Ron will answer your trading questions in real–time!

Dive in and experience the professional trading process with Ron Ianieri and gain the experience it takes to become a consistently successful trader!

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