Lighthouse Point Platinum

A directional trading newsletter service specifically designed to help novice traders to the next step in their option trading journey

About Lighthouse Point Platinum

Each week, Ron Ianieri will guide you through several (5 to 8) potential trade opportunities for the week – from entry through adjustment, to close – with detailed triggers, stops, roll points and exits in two live weekly webinars in which he breaks down the potential trade opportunities for you. Not only will you learn the strategy, you’ll also experience the full process he goes through in finding the opportunities and taking advantage of them in the most optimal way. The ability to watch and ask questions in a live interactive forum helps the novice trader to take the next step to becoming independent as a trader.

Lighthouse Point Platinum will give you:

  • Several weekly trade ideas from Jon, Pete, and Ron
  • Access to a daily trade comment
  • Interactive weekly webinar: Lighthouse Point Platinum (LPP) Tuesday Morning Webinar with Ron Ianieri
  • Second weekly webinar: Lighthouse Point Platinum (LPP) Thursday Morning Update and Q&A session with Ron Ianieri
  • Lighthouse Point Platinum Newsletter
  • Lighthouse Point Options Tuesday Morning Webinar Replay
  • Access to the LPP user group for peer-to-peer communications
  • Continued access to LPO and LPP archived issues and webinar recordings

Boost your trading skills with Lighthouse Point Platinum – and become master of your own destiny!

Lighthouse Point Platinum

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Trade Ideas

Each and every week you will receive one trade idea. This idea will be spelled out in great detail in both the newsletter and explained in depth in the webinar so that you will fully understand not only what we are doing but also why and when we are doing it. Remember, Lighthouse Point Options is not a trade recommendation service but rather an educational service. Our goal is to help you fully understand the how and why of the trade so you can uncover great trades on your own.


Trade Updates

Each day, we will post an update on what happened with the weekly trade, and what moves should have been made in accordance with the trade explanation from the weekly newsletter and webinar. As professional traders, we are very aware that the time between the entry and exit of the trade is not a static period. Trades must be managed from start to finish, and the adjustments can occur at any moment, depending on the market situation. A trader’s ability to read a changing environment and adjusting both their opinion and the trade is what separates the winners from the losers.


Weekly Webinars

In executing trade ideas, specific details can get lost in translation, including exactly what to do and how to do it. This is especially the case when a novice trader reads a trade write-up without adequate preparation and does not fully understand what they are reading. Many questions could easily arise, and those questions could be directly related to not only the understanding of the trade, but the profitability of the trade itself! We know that a novice could have many legitimate questions pertaining to the trade write-up, and that newsletter cannot possibly be able to answer them. So, in order to make sure that we give our students the clearest explanation from an educational standpoint, Ron will host a FREE weekly webinar, breaking down the trade to its simplest form and answering all of your trade questions!