Time Bandit Options


Time Bandit Options is a premium collection trading service designed for traders of all skill levels. This service will teach you how to employ the most powerful premium collection strategy in the option markets—the Iron Condor. You will learn how to search for the most profitable opportunities to implement this strategy, while learning how to manage existing positions and generate income on a weekly basis!


Subscription Options

Monthly Subscription

$99 per month
2-week free trial

Monthly Subscription

Annual Subscription

$999 per year
2-week free trial

Annual Subscription

Each week, you will receive:

  • 2-4 trade ideas
  • Updates and Commentary via email, in real-time
  • Interactive webinar on Thursday mornings
  • Access to user group for peer-to-peer communication
  • Unlimited access to archived newsletters and webinar recordings

Every Thursday morning, you will receive a detailed trade write–up that will guide you through 2-4 trades for a given week. Our team of analysts will then dissect the trade for you in the Thursday morning webinar, in a live market environment.

Experience the power of premium collection through Time Bandit Options!